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How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?

Finding a carefully selected tenant for your home depends on a few factors: your home’s condition, your preferred rental rate, as well as the market’s condition. Utilizing our unmatched promotional techniques, we deliver superior Daytona Beach tenants in 30 days or less! It depends on the quality and condition of your property, but when your home is market-ready, we can move it faster and at a lower cost than any other property manager or broker in Daytona Beach; sometimes in as short a time as just a few weeks, or even days!

What factors do you consider when selecting the rental rate for my property?

With our focus being on individual homes and condos, we have a grip on the core of the housing market. We utilize our in-house private data, as well as scouting the surrounding neighborhood, and considering other homes that are renting in the area. We apply this information, along with the features of your home, to derive an appropriate rental amount that will bring in a qualified tenant, and fast!

How will you be showing my home?

Unlike some property managers, we will not be giving out the keys to your home! Only our professional leasing agents will be able to access the keys to your home, and will only be showing your home to carefully selected, pre-qualified tenants.

Can I trust the person or family you select to rent my home?

As soon as a likely renter shows an interest in your home, we involve several outside companies than will run a credit report, conduct a back ground check, evaluate employment history, rental history, and check local and national sexual offender databases. We take this information, and submit it to our proprietary software program, which will then recommend whether or not this tenant is a good fit for your property. If it looks like the renter is a good match for your home, we will let you know and you can decide weather or not you would like them to be your home’s new tenant!

How will I get my rent payment?

Tenants are aware that payment is owed by the 1st of every month. We collect that payment, and then put the money in your account. Every month, on the 23-25th, homeowners receive their payment, and in addition, a detailed summary report.

Do you control maintenance costs?

We do retain an in-house maintenance division, and we are connected with specialized wholesalers that are knowledgeable and experienced. They are able to handle any issue that may come up with your property. In contrast to other property management companies, we won’t inflate the prices of parts and pieces; we ensure that you attain an unbeatable price for the work done, if any concerns ever occur. We offer a home warranty through globe home warranty protection, if you would like even more assurance.

Will the new tenants treat my home with love and respect?

There is always a chance that your tenant will not treat your home as well as you would; however, damages beyond the normal wear & tear are uncommon.

Should I leave the furniture in my house?

There is not really a market for furnished rentals right now.

Am I the one who should be taking care of the lawn?

Generally it falls to the tenant to ensure the lawn is taken care of. Nevertheless, we do offer full landscape services to you or your tenant to guarantee your lawn is kept in optimal condition.

When I move out of my home, I need to cancel my utilities, right?

No. It is important that you keep the utilities on under your name. This is because, shifting the utilities to the new tenants is much easier than canceling them and trying to set them up under a new name. In addition, when utilities are canceled, there is always a risk of damage to your plumbing or appliances.

Can we try to rent while still living in the home?

You should ideally move out of the home as soon as we start the advertising process. According to statistics: a clean, open, turn-key home lets the buyer to view the home at the last minute, and visualize their own personal belongings in the home. An unoccupied home permits a quick, 2-4 week move-in date for the new renters.

Do I need homeowners insurance for the house, or will the tenant be responsible for insurance?

You need to keep a landlord policy on the home. Tenants are unable to carry homeowners insurance, because they are not the owners of the house. We do, however, require that all renters carry renter’s insurance to cover their personal belongings. It is a good idea to talk with your insurance agent and inform them that you are renting your house to make sure you are covered.

If I am planning on moving soon, is it best to start the process now?

Yes. It is a good idea to to start lining up potential tenants now.

What sets you apart form the other agents I see marketing homes?

Regrettably, there are countless agents and brokerages that have NO property management experience! They do not specialize in renting single family homes, and can not give your home the exposure that it needs. They may not even be licensed to manage properties!

I’m Ready, what is all this going to cost?

Property Management Pros prides itself in having competitive rates, as well as the most inclusive service in Daytona Beach. The price that includes: the preliminary evaluation, pictures, video, professional ad, distribution of that ad to over 40 top targeted websites, showings, tenant pre-screening, and document preparation, is equivalent to the first month of rent. Where other property management co’s and brokerages charge upwards of 8-10% of the monthly rent, every month, our monthly management fee is only $79!

Are there other costs are get started?

We do request renters to fund a $500.00 backup fund for any periodic or plausible expenses associated with your home (e.g. hot water heater goes out, plumbing issues…).

What if I have additional questions about your services?

Merely ask for a free quote and we would love to answer any and all questions you may have.

If I desire to sell my Daytona Beach home, what happens then?

Property Management Pros has an exclusive Hybrid Real Estate System where we can market your home for rent, rent to own, land contract, sale, or any other terms that are suitable, all at the same time, giving you the ability to reach the most desirable solution for your home.

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